Resort Pub is a place of meeting of Palanga residents and visitors on the busiest street of the town – J. Basanaviciaus street. Exclusive interior of English/Irish style, old good rock music, and Western menu… It is a perfect place to relax, have fun and taste dishes, burgers, and various snacks prepared with love. We are using Kamado Bono to grill meat outdoors.

Resort Pub takes pride in ribs weighing half a kilo and in beer with golden dust. Upon your request, the barmen of Resort Pub will turn any beer from the available wide assortment (from Lithuanian to world-famous Irish, English, Dutch beer, or craft beer, beer with the taste of cherries or chocolate) into “golden”. The famous and unique whiskeys, pub’s favourite Mexican “Michelada”, and many other drinks will satisfy any taste.
What makes Resort Pub exclusive? Well, in the middle of party you will hear a bell – it means, 10 goblets are “on the house”. This great attraction always enlightens mood. By the way, there is a possibility to ring a bell yourself and feel like a “star”. This tradition was born from the Western tradition “next round on me”, when a person buys beer to his friends after ringing a bell.
Resort Pub is open Friday and Saturday from 13 pm until 03 am and Sunday 12 pm to 12 am.